“Cheat” at Slots!

Congratulations you have just found the easiest and quickest way to earn money playing online slots. Playing slots online, you can double or even triple your initial deposit!!!

How?With all of the casino competition, online casinos have to pull out all the stops to attract new players. Online casinos have tons of promotions and giveaways such as deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, player comps and tons of free money! For example last month, Lasseters Casino gave away over 100 iPod Nano’s to its slots players!

Here is some helpful information to know. Both the land based casinos and online casino slot machines use the same platform. Both are controlled by a software program called Random Number Generator or “RNG”. Simply put, RNG runs a special program that generates numbers to correspond to the symbols on the reel of the slot machine. Even though you cannot predict what the machine is going to do you can use my strategy to tip the scales in your favor.

Here is my winning strategy:

  • Join my Forum and get your free $50! (Valuable slots info and tons of strategy!)
  • Play the maximum coins allowed at all times!
  • Play only single pay line machines, your bankroll will last longer.
  • Play only two or three coin machines, once again, your bankroll will last longer.

That’s it, just sit back in the comfort of your house playing the same slots the land based casinos offer, just with TWICE the bankroll and TWICE the chance to hit the Jackpot!

One important note, make sure to have a money management system, such as Neteller in place before you play! It makes depositing and withdrawing your funds easier and quicker! Good Luck!

– Mark Davids