How to Read Blackjack Strategy Cards

  • Rivera Gold Strategy CardCalculate your hand, look at the dealers face card and line up the 2 columns to see your best play
  • Always hit all point totals 8 or less
  • Always stay on hard totals 17 or more
  • Always stay on soft totals 19 or more
  • D = Double if you can (you can’t double if you have 3 or more cards). If you can’t double, then you should hit if it says D, and Stand if it says Ds.
  • S = Stand
  • H = Hit
  • P = Split the cards if able (may not be able to split if already split once). If unable to split, then follow the strategy of the hard total.

universalIf you can’t find the strategy card for the casino you want to play, here’s a basic strategy card for all rule variations.

  • Red = Hit
  • Yellow = Stay
  • Blue = Double if allowed, if not Hit (except stay on soft 18 vs 3,4,5,6)
  • Orange = Surrender if allowed, if not Hit
  • Green = Split
  • Pink = Split if allowed to double after split, if not hit.