Blackjack Strategy Cards

Listed below are casino specific and software specific strategy cards. Click on the casino or software of your choice to see the strategy card specific to the rules that casino uses. If you need help reading the strategy cards see our how to read blackjackjack strategy cards below. Follow this link to view strategy card disscussions on the forum.

If you need strategy cards for Atlantic City or Las Vegas casinos, click here.

Rivera Gold Strategy Card♦How to Read Blackjack Strategy Cards♦

1. Calculate your hand, look at the dealers face card and line up the 2 columns to see your best play.

2. Always hit all point totals 11 or less.

3. Always stay on hard totals 17 or more.

4. Always stay on soft totals 18 or more.

Click here for a universal strategy card.


universal*****If you can’t find the strategy card for the casino you want to play, here’s a basic strategy card for all rule variations.*****