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My Free Blackjack Strategy

“So good…it’s almost like CHEATING!”

Congratulations, you have just taken the next step in “earning” some serious money. Notice that I said “earning” not winning. My system is not gambling because you will have a mathematical edge over the casinos. You should treat this like a job, your earnings will depend on how dedicated you are to following my strategy and not your instincts. Keep in mind that the odds are in the casinos favor, but “earning” money by using my strategy is in your favor.

Here’s how my system works:

  • Use perfect blackjack strategy and strategy cards to tip the odds of winning money in your favor by “earning” the bonus money offered by the online casinos.
  • Bet small, do not play $25 hands.
  • Use loopholes in the casino’s rules to cash out after meeting the wagering requirements.

Example: Casino On Net offers a bonus of 100% up to $200

When you deposit $200 in Casino On Net, they will give you $200 for a total of $400. In order to withdraw the bonus, you must satisfy the wager requirement which is 20x’s the deposit and bonus x $200 (bonus) = 8000. Rest assured this is a lot easier than it sounds because all wins and losses will count towards the wager requirement. You may be down a couple hundred or up a couple of hundred over the course of your play but your mathematically predicted earnings are an amazing $168. Not bad for three hours of work!

Your predicted earnings of $168 are calculated by using a casino’s house edge. The house edge for Casino On Net from my strategy card is 0.40%. Here is the formula: $8000 x 0.40% is $32.00. Subtract the $32.00 from the free $200 in bonus money and there is your$168earnings. Don’t understand? Click HERE for more information:

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