Overall Score: 85/90     Visit :   Omni Casino        View:  Forum Thread

Predicted Earnings:   $87.75

Summary:  Omni Casino is one of the safest, most respected online casinos that uses Cryptologic software.  The casino verifies payouts with  PriceWaterHouse Coopers accounting firm. 

Accreditation: 10/10 Very good credentials. Omni Casino is very safe to play.

House Edge:  8/10 The house edge is calculated at 0.49% for blackjack.   Not bad considering the bonus money.  If you are able to get VIP status, you will be able to play a version with one deck with a slight player edge.  I have not been able to play this game yet. 

Payment History: 10/10  Very reliable payouts.  They use ECash Direct, and you have to wait for a pin to be mailed to you before you can process your first cashout.  It took 16 business days for me to get my first cashout.  After I received the pin, my next cashout only took 2 days.

Bonuses/Comps:  10/10 The bonus is 100% up to $100!  This is a monthly bonus so you can get $100 free EVERY month!  Wager requirements are 25x's.  All blackjack games count towards the wager requirements. 

Software/Graphics: 9/10 Omni Casino is powered by Cryptologic Software.  The software is first rate with flash and download versions available.  The flash version is a no frills program.  You can also chat with other players in the multiplayer mode.

Customer Support: 9/10 Great support.  24/7 phone, and email support.  No live chat feature yet.  Operators are very friendly and helpful.

Blackjack Rules/Variations: 10/10 Omni Casino has a few versions of blackjack available.  The download and flash rules are the same. For one deck rules (if you qualify and want to bet $50 a hand) ask me in the Forum.  Here are the rules.

Five deck Blackjack Rules: House edge calculated at 0.49%
  • 8 decks
  • American Peak rules: dealer checks for blackjack
  • Dealer stays on soft 17
  • May double after splitting
  • One card after split aces
  • One split per hand
  • Double any first 2 cards
  • No surrender

Banking: 9/10 Uses ECash Direct for all payments and transactions.  Very reliable, but you have to wait for your pin to be mailed to you via snail mail.  Accepts Neteller, Firepay, credit cards, although my credit cards were not accepted.

My Rating: 10/10 Omni Casino has a monthly bonus but the wager requirements is 50x's the bonus.  Plus, they accept blackjack for the bonus wager requirements.  You can win all year long!

= hit
= double
= split
= stand
= stand, if you can not double

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